About Us

About Us

UD Damena Company, is engaged in worldwide distribution, processing, harvesting and marketing of a variety of fresh and frozen seafood products. We have in-depth knowledge of major fisheries that target Seafood and other migratory species. We source from more than 20 different coastal regions throughout the world and utilize HACCP certified staff, Halal, Certificate of Origin to monitor and inspect overseas product acquisitions.

In addition, we have more than ten years experience in assessing and delivering seafood to the ASEAN. We truly prioritize international class quality for customers.

" Fresh Fish For Fresh Life "

Our Vision

Become a Grade A Fish Exporter company in 2021

Our Mision

  • Making mutually beneficial relations with the community of fishermen and fishermen throughout the territory of Indonesia to produce quality products
  • To be a company that manages high quality and sustainable fish products and is able to provide optimal benefits for companies, coastal communities, fishermen and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop superior human resources in the field of fish management by providing employment opportunities so as to be able to assist the government in alleviating poverty and advancing the income of Indonesian citizens
  • Become a reliable exporter company so that it can support government programs in increasing exports, especially in marine fish processing products

Our Value

The moral and ethical code determines what the Company should do and supports the achievement of the Company’s vision.

In addition to being understood, all company stakeholders believe that these values ​​are principles and as a basis for employee behavior in mobilizing organizations. The company’s values ​​also include the work culture and work ethic in the Company

  • Integrity
    Have honesty, responsibility and be consistent with all actions in achieving the Company’s goals.
  • Commitment
    Able to fulfill commitments and promises with responsibility.
  • Openness
    Easy to accept input and able to adjust to any environmental changes that occur.
  • Rational
    Able to carry out activities in a planned, orderly, and full of consideration and careful calculation.
  • Visionary
    Having the ability to innovate and look far ahead without being limited by space and time.

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